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Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Sari Mutiara Indonesia International Conference on Health

Theme conference: “Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals to Improve Health Outcomes: Research and Practice

Background : since the SDGs first launched by World Health Organization in 2015, not only governments, businesses, and civil society, but also scientists work together with the United Nations to reach the targets of SDGs by 2030. Therefore, this conference will be the place for those who have localized the SDGs in the community. Through this conference, scientists and practitioners will meet and discuss issues so that the target of this program will be achieved by 2030.

Aim and scope: 

This conference will examine research and development both locally and internationally. It will offer opportunities to learn, network, collaborate, exhibit and share amongst development professional from across countries. It will highlight how countries are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals at the local level to be free of illness and improve the health outcomes through research and practice.

eISSN 2656-1123 (media online)

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Published: 2018-12-04


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